Belitronic BJ5000 Jiggers - Smart Ways to Hook Fish

Deep Drop Commercial and Belitronic introduce a smarter way to hook fish - the Belitronic BJ5000 Jigging Machine. Contact us for a quote or for information about how these machines can help you to increase your catch!

Swedish made Belitronic jigging machines have been catching fish for fishermen for about 30 years. The common European and North American name jigging machine in fact refers to a line fishing machine that can do all the different types of hand line fishing used by commercial fishermen including jigging.

Belitronic BJ5000 Jigging Machine

These computer controlled jigging machines are smart with programmed memories designed to operate efficiently in both bottom and pelagic fishing modes. One man can operate as many as five or six machines. These jiggers mimic the best of hand lining techniques, but do not get tired, do not lose concentration, do not get sea sick and do not need food, drinks, bunks or pay.

Belitronic jiggers were developed in a country with a long fishing tradition extending back over hundreds of years. They incorporate Swedish engineering, technology and manufacturing that has an enviable reputation for excellence. 

Belitronic jiggers detect hooked fish and automatically haul them. They do not attempt to drag fish in by brute force, as this would only tear the hook out of the mouth or break the line. If the fish are large, the machine plays the fish, ie renders out line, and then hauls in line as the fish tires.

Deep Drop Custom Belitronic Reel Mount

The latest BJ5000 jigger is several generations removed from the original model. It is smaller, smarter, lighter and more power efficient. The only moving internal parts are the clutch and the motor. The machines have a two-year warranty. Repairs are carried out by simply replacing one or both printed circuit boards at a fixed cost.

Belitronic jiggers run on 12 or 24 volts and use very little power. They will operate for hours on standard batteries allowing the main engine to be shut down while fishing. 

Originally Belitronic jiggers were sold mainly to Scandinavian fishermen. However markets are expanding, as fishermen become interested in dispensing with the hard work of hand pulling or winching. Belitronic have sold more than 15,000 machines to fishermen over 50 countries, and are now manufacturing their fourth generation model. The Belitronic BJ5000 is a highly sophisticated machine that may be used for catching bottom or pelagic species. It may be operated as a simple electric winch, or, one of several automatic fishing programs may be selected, including bottom fishing, mid water fishing, squid jigging and trolling.

For bottom fishing and for trolling it is best if the BJ5000 jigging machines are grouped together on the deck near the conning position. They can be mounted high enough to read the screen easily and to operate the controls. The lines are led from the machines over pulleys to lightweight outrigger poles located strategically around the vessel. Individual boat layouts are only limited by the owner's imagination.

Bottom Fishing
The bottom depth shown on the echo sounder can be entered or a bottom-fishing program can be used in which the BJ5000 finds the bottom itself and starts fishing. The machines are fully automatic in bottom-fishing mode and can keep the hooks near the bottom even if it is uneven, and automatically haul up when fish take the hooks. The machines will catch any type of fish in shallow or deep water and are particularly suited to coral or reef bottom that cannot be long-lined.

Larger species
When trolling for larger species of pelagic fish, such as tuna or Spanish mackerel. The BJ5000 jiggers can be used in the Normal Bottom Fish Jigging Program. The jigging machine will automatically haul in the line if a fish strikes the hook. Once the fish are removed from the hooks, the jigger will pay out the correct length of line and begin jigging again until the next fish strikes. Auto-haul can also be entered in the program in case the fish strike while the line is freewheeling out. 

Continuous fishing for Pacific mackerel or squid is carried out using multiple jigging machines and lines in a vertical line hauling arrangement. Alternatively a more complex, rig designed for trolling 6 or 8 lines astern can also be used to catch mackerel.

Belitronic BJ5000

Belitronic BJ5000 Electronic Jigging Machine

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